Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Ol' Country

I apologize for the blog silence of late.  For awhile there our kitchen was sitting in our dining room.  Literally everything was taken out of the kitchen cabinets, new shelf lining paper was put in, and a whole reorganization of the cabinets and pantry was done.  A few more loose ends to tidy up in there and then I'll post some pictures for you.   Let's move on and talk about some happy embroidery for a bit now, shall we?

For the month of May the Embroidery Companion Sew Along project is the Country Time Quilt!  Little animals being born in spring, the return of farmer's markets, all made me think of this beautiful quilt.  I can't tell you how excited I am to pick out some cute little calico fabrics. 

The embroidery would lend itself easily to travel I think as you could take a square to work on with you while you're out and about town, having those good ol' country dreams.  If you are not up to stitching up the entire quilt you could also just choose a design or two to decorate some other fun home item or gift.  I'm going for the whole kit and caboodle myself.  

On the April giveaway front... a change up this month.  You won't have to have completed the curtains project to be eligible for this month's giveaway!  I made a couple errors whilst cross stitching those Karin Curtains.  When I post photos if you can spot my mistakes you will be eligible to win.  The prize you ask... well I have a couple ideas up my sleeve and will keep you posted.

How are those curtains coming anyway?  I am nearly done with the first panel.  Hopefully the second one will stitch up a bit quicker as we've past the half way point of the month.  Looking forward to seeing your beautiful embroidery over on the flickr group!

Happy Stitching!