Monday, August 8, 2011

Antique Shopping

antique shopping

Saturday was spent with my cutie in Snohomish.  We went to pick up some of that excellent fireweed honey and stopped for a short browse through the antique shops.  This lovely didn't make it home with but a few other goodies did.  I'll try and share tomorrow with a Tuesday Treasure!

Little Random Thought:  When faced with any sort of an incline hill while walking I often feel dread, like I'm never going to make it up that hill.  More and more on my walks I've been pushing my self to see those hills as a challenge and not a threat.  One thing that's helped is to focus on pushing down through my feet.  On my walk with Daisy today I had this thought or as my mom would say "a reflection from the path"...

Pushing down into the hills flattens them out.

Maybe that could apply to other areas of life, eh?  Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead!