Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday Treasures (on Wednesday): Little finds

Tuesday slipped away from me real fast so now here are my little finds from the weekend's antique shopping.  Aren't they cute?  Antique shopping can become overwhelming for me sometimes.  There are just too many pretty things out there and I don't have the space to bring them all home.  For now I've decided that have ground rules with the sort of things that come home with me. 
  • Blue and White:  I'm in the process of decorating my home in these base colors.
  • Flowers:  Mostly roses and either on china or botanical prints.
  • Handwork: embroidery or lace work that is either functional or that I could use to turn into a quilt like this one here.
  • Something functional for my home.  For example Patrick and I have been scouting for a old fashioned milk shake machine.  We did happen to find a nice one on Saturday but the price tag was a little steep.
I'm sure there will be things I find to break these little rules but it's a good start.