Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Number 13: Paddle a Canoe

Back in July while visiting family for our annual mountain cabin trip I had a chance to paddle a canoe.  It's funny because when I put this on my list I envisioned that I'd be first paddling at the Washington Arboretum.  We've gone to the same cabin every summer for the last five or six years but this is the first year they had the canoe.  It was definitely a hit with my family.  Yes the pond was small but it's perfect for my little nephews have a solo ride.  And perfect for me to try out paddling!  My brother-in-law was kind of enough to help take me out.  He had three rules for riding in the canoe.  I can't remember for the first two now but the last one was:  Don't Panic!  You know how to swim so if you fall in just swim to the side.  "Don't Panic!" is a good life rule!

My nephew Tanner and Daisy watching me paddle the canoe.
I'm in the process of reworking my 30 things list.  There were a few I didn't get to during the course of the year and a few I'd like to add.  I'll be sure to share soon!