Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Patrick surprised me on the Saturday morning before my birthday with a present sitting on top of our antique radio in the living room. From all appearances it seemed to be a shoe box. I was gitty at thought of receiving the L.K. Bennett heels but admittedly deep down a little twinge of sadness snuck in thinking I wouldn't be getting the camera. Upon picking up the present though the weight of the box was a little suspect. I unwrapped the shoe box to find it said Rockport instead of L.K. Bennett. Patrick was up to his usual tricks. It was the Canon EOS 60D!!!! 

After stopping off at the local farmer's market for the deliciouslemon sugar crepes we headed to the Washington Park Arboretum to play with my new toy.  Patrick brought his Sony SLR camera as well.  We strolled out along the Foster Island trail.  Stopping now and again to take photographs.  Patrick was very helpful in providing me tips on how to adjust for different lighting and focus points.  We then made our way towards Marsh Island but true to its name the trail was more marshland than trail.  Without wellies to keep our feet dry and a little Cavalier to think of we turned back.  This was Daisy's first visit to the arboretum.  Her ears were perked, tail high and wagging, nose low sniffing around everywhere.  She seemed to being having just as much fun as we were.  The Wilcox Footbridge was our destination.  A couple with a small baby girl were having a portrait session along the bridge so we waited until the coast was clear and took a few photos there ourselves.  By this time our tummies were grumbling and so we packed up and headed home. 

The next afternoon found us on Kirkland Argosy day cruise.  The winds were blowing strong on the lake making for great sailing weather.  We saw a number of sailing boats out enjoying the day.  This leisurely cruise took us along the shores of the lake exploring some of the neighborhoods of Seattle and the east side.   One of the highlights included Bill Gates' home.  As the boat slowed in front of his house I saw a man strolling the grounds.  Perhaps it was Bill Gates himself!  His house is the reddish one with the adirondack chairs in front. 

My birthday day started quietly with tea in my favorite tea cup and a beautiful bouquet of peonies picked up at the farmer's market a couple days before.  Then it was off to celebrate my dear friend Teresa at her graduation ceremony from graduate school. 

Needless to say there was a lot of pomp and circumstance for this lady's birthday!!!