Friday, September 3, 2010

Number 8: Blueberry Picking

Thank you all for your anniversary wishes!  Someone asked about traditional anniversary gifts here is a link listing both the traditional and modern anniversary gifts.  Now on to the promised blueberry picking post!

A few weeks ago my good friend Pauline, her son and I all headed out to pick some blueberries! This was my first time out to a U-pick farm aside from pumpkin patches. The blueberry field set out by itself next to some open fields where a horse show was going on. (You can see a horse there at the end of the row of blueberries!)

The blueberry picking season was drawing to a close when we were out but there were plenty of good berries left to pick.  The weather was beautiful summer Seattle weather.  Sunny, warm, with a gentle breeze!

The farm was kind enough to provide these handy crates to carry all of our blueberries which was great for me since I forgot to bring a bucket to haul my goodies out.

Adrian needed a little help to remember to pick the "blue" blueberries.  Most blueberries ended in his mouth instead in the crate and occasionally rocks and sticks took their places.  Poor mama, a few of her blueberries got pretty squashed!

After checking our loot we went back to the car and to grab our picnic lunch. The horse show made a perfect picnic spot!

There were tables right up next to the arena and we cheered for the horses and their riders as they leaped over the fences.  It was a beautiful day!  My blueberries have been a handy snack for a long car ride to California, blueberry scones (I need to share that recipe with you), and lots of wonderful smoothies for breakfast.

Number 8 off the list!