Thursday, November 25, 2010

List Twenty One: Thanksgiving Gratitude

Taken at Thanksgiving last year!
A short and not at all a comprohensive list of things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.
  1.  My in-laws for coming out to visit and making Thanksgiving a little more special.
  2. Hearing my mom's giggle on the phone this morning as she called me from the car with my dad and grandma to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. My dear friend Liz who is such a comfort to talk to on the phone and who is a second sister to me.  I am thankful for our Wednesday afternoon chats!
  4. My husband for all he does for me including brushing my tangling, wet hair after a shower. 
  5. Homemade rolls that my grandma always made and now is my honor to take to our Thanksgiving.  How I hope they taste as good as hers always have.
  6. The expectations of a new addition to our little family... more on that next week.
  7. Warm blankets and big comfy sweaters to keep me warm on this unexpectedly cold Thanksgiving.
  8. Old friends who I'm able to stay close with by way of facebook!
  9. My Seattle family, Derek and Tatiana and Pauline and James, who make the holidays easier to be so far from home.
  10. Sausage from PCC, because it was SOO good in my scrambled eggs this morning and I know it will be delicious in Patrick's stuffing this afternoon.
  11. My friend Susan for making me laugh and bringing such warmth into my heart.
  12. My nephews and niece who fill me with joy and awe.  (Bonus: it's so fun to make little gifts for them at Christmas time.  If only I can finish them all.)
  13. All my family whom I miss so much and can't wait to see at Christmas.
  14. To you lovely readers who continue to bring such thoughtful and kind comments into this space.  It's been so fun writing for you and taking the time to breathe that Simple Breath.